Zoning Permits

A primary function of the planning aspect of the department involves developing and periodically updating, with the Taneytown Planning Commission, the City's Community Comprehensive Plan. This plan addresses numerous aspects of how the City intends to utilize resources and potentially grow while ensuring adequate public facilities and are planned to coincide with such growth, and that environmental capacity is available. The plan also serves as a guidance document towards fulfilling the City's vision. The planning function also involves working with other departments within the City, Carroll County, and the State to ensure that water resources are safeguarded, and that planning related reporting requirements are met.

The Zoning function of the department also coordinates with the Planning Commission on commercial projects and residential subdivisions to ensure that changes to the built environment within the Taneytown corporate limits are completed within the parameters of city ordinances as well as applicable county, state and federal requirements. Smaller projects are handled administratively by the office, typically without involvement of the Planning Commission. Review of zoning certificate applications for typical residential projects, such as construction of decks and other home improvements, fences, garages, and sheds are also under the purview of the zoning function.

Research and responses to questions regarding the city's comprehensive plan, zoning, and ordinances regarding the built environment shall be provided in a prompt, courteous manner.

Health and Sanitation related property complaints will be addressed through the Code Enforcement function of the department. Complaint driven investigations and observed violations will be logged and addressed, remaining open until resolved to the satisfaction of the Code Enforcement Officer. Code compliance is enforced based on a combination of citizen complaints, patrol and staff observations. The Code Enforcement function is focused primarily on Taneytown's municipal ordinances, which do not include animal control, or building inspection issues. The City has adopted Carroll County's Animal Control Ordinance, which is enforced by the Humane Society of Carroll County Inc. Taneytown has also adopted Carroll County's building code, and building inspection services, as well as livability complaints regarding residential rental units are handled by Carroll County.

Most information you may need can also be found in chapter 205, Zoning.


Darryl Hale, Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer 

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