Public Works

The Public Works Department operates the community water supply and wastewater systems. Taneytown's water system relies on groundwater, which is supplied by eight municipal wells. This includes approximately 29 miles of distribution piping and two water storage tanks. Raw wastewater is treated and discharged from the wastewater treatment plant and includes approximately 30 miles of sewer piping and four pumping stations. The department is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all city streets.
State and federal regulations require extensive monitoring through laboratory testing of potable water and wastewater. Water and wastewater sampling takes place seven days per week, year round. There are also many reporting and inspection requirements for both water and wastewater as regulated by the Maryland Department of the Environment.
Our mission is to provide quality, courteous service to the citizens of Taneytown. We have dedicated employees that are available around the clock to respond to emergency situations.

Kevin Smeak, Director of Public Works

County Government
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Public Works
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