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  • Homeowners' Property and Renters' Tax Credit- Extended Deadline
  • Ready, Set, GROW! Workshop in Carroll County
  • Recycling.... A Final Note





The Homeowners' Property and Renters' Tax Credits are important credits that can return hundreds and even thousands of dollars to financially vulnerable constituents. The tax credits are statewide and some jurisdictions have an additional supplement to return even more money to cash-strapped residents.

 The 2019 application deadline for the Homeowners' and Renters' Tax Credit Program has been extended from September 1 to October 1st. We are also happy to share that these tax credit applications can now be completed and submitted online. Individuals can visit the  Tax Credit Online Portal to complete and submit their application online. All applications, whether via the online portal, U.S. mail, or in-person, must be submitted to the Department of Assessments and Taxation no later than Tuesday, October 1, 2019. 

 What is the HOTC and who can use it?

 The HOTC, also known as the Circuit Breaker credit, sets a limit on how much low-income homeowners owe in property taxes. Homeowners with a household income of less than

$60,000/year and whose property is worth $300,000 or less are eligible for the credit. This credit must be applied for every year.

 What is the RTC and who can use it?

The Renters' Tax Credit is similar to the HOTC and is based on the reasoning that renters indirectly pay property taxes as part of their rent, and thus should have some protection, as do homeowners. This credit must be applied for every year. The Maryland Renter's Tax Credit program is available to qualified renters in Maryland who meet specific eligibility requirements:

 Renter's total gross household income does not exceed $30,000/year

 Renter's total assets may not exceed $200,000

 Renters must also either be:

 Seniors aged 60 years of better, or

Are 100% disabled, or

Have a dependent and receive no housing subsidies

 The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition made a simple website to help you quickly check if you are eligible for these credits and find assistance in applying for this yearly credits. Visit MarylandTaxCredit.com , follow the simple prompts, and discover how much money you may save today! Consumers interested in applying for the Homeowners or Renters Tax Credit can contact the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition at (443) 961-6220 for screening and application assistance. 

Check out our interview with WBAL News Radio 1090's John Patti, our videos on the Homeowners' Tax Credit and Renters' Tax Credit, and share to help promote these important and underused tax credits.



The Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs hosted the Ready, Set, GROW! Procurement Connections Workshop at Carroll Community College, marking the first time the event has been in Carroll County. This business development program helps small, minority, women, and veteran business owners connect to state and local government buyers. The event drew over 40 small business owners and entrepreneurs.

"The college values our strong partnership with Special Secretary Rhee and the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs," stated Dr. James D. Ball, president of Carroll Community College. "We always appreciate the opportunity to convene State and local resources on our campus to provide local businesses and entrepreneurs even greater access to the resources they need to grow and thrive."

Three local entrepreneurs received a Governor's Citation in recognition of their contributions to Maryland's small business community and the community at large:  Harmony Autry & Melody Schell, Owner s - Firehouse Pottery & Arts, LLCMildred Rodman , Owner - Growing Ideas Sustainable Gardening,  Lee Ann Young , Owner- Uncharted HR, LLC




Recycling is an important process in the Carroll County community. This is the last of five news releases intended to inform county citizens of several important aspects of recycling.

Waste is an environmental challenge and the state sets  a mandated 35% goal for Carroll County (based on population). Carroll County currently has a 47.4% recycling rate including a 5% source reduction credit for the many waste diversion efforts done in the county. Although the county is exceeding the state goal, citizens can help by effectively recycling. Detailed information regarding Carroll County recycling programs may be found on the county website and a guide to Waste Management and Recycling is also available.

The most important thing to remember in the recycling program is quality.  "When in Doubt, Throw it Out"!  Anything in the bin that is not part of our program is considered contamination and jeopardizes the whole collection.  Check our acceptable items list and know before you throw.

Some interesting factoids about recycling:

Recycle Across America lists the following "Top 7 Facts to Know":

  • Manufacturers truly want these materials back to reuse in their manufacturing, but they aren't able to reuse the materials if people don't recycle right.
  • The nonprofit standardized label mission is the #1 solution to help society begin to recycle right and therefore, help recycling begin to thrive.

More interesting facts about recycling are available here:
Recycle Across America
Environmental Protection Agency
Keep America Beautiful 

Remember....When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

Information regarding Carroll County recycling programs may be found on the county website and a guide to Waste Management and Recycling is also available.



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