City Manager

The City Manager directs the daily operations of the city government under the supervision of the Mayor and City Council, including the Police Department, Public Works Department, Finance Department, Planning/Zoning Department, IT Department, Parks Department, and the City Clerk's Office. The City Manager also prepares and coordinates general projects including the City’s annual operating budget (currently $4.75 M), annual capital projects, six-year Capital Improvement Program, state / federal grant and funding programs, and special reports to address and correct city problems.

The City Manager also attends the City Council meetings, researching and preparing reports and recommendations at the request and direction of the Mayor and City Council members.

We want to hear your questions and concerns about city services, infrastructure needs, safety issues, transportation, neighborhood concerns, and the adequacy of public services. It is important that we receive your positive input.


James A. Wieprecht
City Manager


Census data from 2020 records the population of the City of Taneytown to be 7,234.

Citizen Input 

Citizens are also welcome to attend City Council meetings held twice a month in City Hall. The work shop meeting is held on the Wednesday preceding the regular City Council meetings. The regular meeting is on the second Monday of each month. Meeting information is also on this site. Meeting notices are posted on public bulletin boards at City Hall. We look forward to you attending these meetings.

Of course, you can contact me by calling at 410-751-1100. I’ll return your call as soon as possible. I would be more than happy to talk with you.

Volunteers Wanted 

One way to keep the cost of municipal services down is with volunteers. We have many excellent programs that rely on volunteers to serving the Taneytown community. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Main Street.

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